Saturday, January 10, 2009


i don't know how to start these type of blogs but let me start like this
"When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going" which means when situations are difficult, strong people rise to the occasion.

let me start with my eamcet rank which went beyond my expectations with some million kmph.
However before results i decided to join only branded colleges at counselling.After many struggles searching for good ones , atlast i joined a collage which my brother was studying at and i hateit the most.

Now the first day of the college .I remember it was friday and admissions were in progress at the seminar hall of cyber block for cse students.After admissions they arranged lunch at the college itself,which created a good impression abt college canteen.
coming to buses mine is 25,5,13 no buses.I used to get into 5,but was quite apprehensive of entering into 13 as it looks weird like in movie Aaduthu Paaduthu(telugu). I am a resident of vidyanagar,guntur.
speaking on the first day at rvr,i confused where to go and atlast found "CYBER BLOCK" along with some new faces confused too.On entering the class room 2 sat in the 4th bench with some new faces beside me, looking eagerly for the known ones to enter.SantaMam(teaches english) entered the class and asked to introduce ourselves to her.Then i came across some strange personalities of which she made some fun.By gods grace we left the college by afternoon unnoticed by any senior.I liked the college timings as were 1o:40 to 3:40(for only freshers as seniors cannot rag me).

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